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Really get the chance yesterday. After the lawyer arrived. She smiled warmly at the student. I'm glad to see you're well enough to come into college. It took a few moments for the scowl on Faber's face to soften. I thought I should stay busy. She turned back to the professor. We have to talk, she told him. I'll see you later. 9 Madison Faber and Ingrid walked across campus for a few minutes, exchanging nothing but bland pleasantries and the occasional plaude. Ingrid wondered what the student might want to speak to Younger about, to have burst into his room so dramatically. Now wasn't buy youtube views the time to ask. She took a close look at Faber's face. The girl was very pale, her eyes bloodshot and red-ringed. When they were just a little way from the science block Ingrid stopped. The janitor had water-blasted all but the final 'r' and 'e' of the word '' from the concrete façade. I thought we were headed for the cafeteria, Faber said. That must have really http://www.getmytimesharesold.com/ upset Lauren. Did she speak to you about it? Faber raised an eyebrow. If you're referring to the google graffiti, it's new this morning. It is? Faber stared at the water jet as the janitor removed the r . It's the first time I've seen it. Any idea who might have written it? She shrugged in response. How would I know? But who would want to say something like that about Lauren, in the cirstances? Why do something like that now? Faber stared at the wall and shook her head. People never fail to appall me. Who knows what the motivation might be? The more I study, the more convinced I am in the limitless human capacity youtube for cruelty. Some people are just plain evil. Twisted. Surely I don't need to tell you that? You must come up against it every day of the week, in your job. You told the police Lauren had no enemies. I doubt this was personal. It's more likely to be about the person who wrote it than Lauren. Wouldn't you say? I expect they heard her name on the news and decided to make a little news themselves. Make a mark. Shock the college authorities. You don't think Lauren might have been bullied during her time here? She never mentioned anything to me about it. They started walking again, the last of the painted letters finally removed. In buy youtube views their place the water jet had left a large patch of pristine unblemished concrete, much cleaner than the rest of the wall. Like I told the police yesterday. Lauren could be a little... secretive sometimes. It was just her thing. She didn't open herself up completely. You mean her mystery boyfriend? If he ever actually existed. Maybe I got that wrong. And you a psychology major? Surely not. Are you making fun of me, Agent Skyberg? Absolutely not. I'm just relieved you seem so much better than you did yesterday. It really was a terrible ordeal for you to go through. I never want to see anything like it again. She buy youtube views shivered. And then the interview with the police. That's traumatizing in any cirstances. I guess they were only doing their job. That's a good atude to take. I'm sure it'll help with future interviews. Faber pulled up. How many more are there likely to be? I'm not that familiar with procedures here in the UK. But Miriam said there was no need for me to worry. Your attorney? I'm sure she's right. Maybe I should call her. She knows the system much better